Why XMolView?

There is a ton of software to visualise molecular structures across the web and we use many of them, however from time to time they lack of a feature that we need. The XMolView is focused in to fill those gaps. For instance we have found very helpful the automatic fragmentation and the easy manner to create series of structures for potential energy surface calculations.

Why is Open Source?

Well, we use a lot of free and open source software (e.g., Linux, LaTex, Gnuplot, Scilab, ...). We believe that distributing XMolView, we give a grain of sand back. Therefore, you can use the software for free, Download XMView the source files .

How to contribute?

If you find that this program is interesting please let us know bugs and any kind of ideas/features to make this software better. If you're experiencing issues and concerns do not hesitate to send a message with your details to: bugs@xmol.org.

Contact Us

The maintainer of XMolView is located in Ontario, Canada. Should you need more information, please contact to the Molecular Explorer support. Thanks for using XMolView.