Download the source files from GitLab and Xmol executable program for your OS from the links below. You may check you have the required dependencies.

FreeType and GLFW

(Since July 2018) I am working on a modern code using ImGUI+OpenGL v3.3:


Latest Release (YY/MM/DD)

Z XMol_Latest Ubuntu 64bits Z XMol_Latest Windows 7 & 10 64bits

Z XMol_191123 Ubuntu 64bits Z XMol_191123 Windows 7 & 10 64bits

Z XMol_191117 Ubuntu 64bits Z XMol_191117 Windows 7 & 10 64bits

Z XMol_190310 Ubuntu 64bits Z XMol_191116 Windows 7 & 10 64bits

This is on going work, so far only read/write XYZ and VASP files. Let me know if you need any help.

On Linux, it requires the following libraries: libfreetype, libglfw and libXinerama.

Download the example files

Submit bugs and issues

Versions of xmv use date of release.


Older Releases

Z xmvis-16.08 Windows 64bits Z xmvis-16.08 Windows 32bits

Z xmvis-16.08 Ubuntu 64bits Z xmv-a15.12 OS X Yosemite

Z xmv-a15.12 Ubuntu 64bits Z xmv-a15.12 Ubuntu 32bits



Z xmv-a15.12 Ubuntu 64bits Z xmv-a15.12 Ubuntu 32bits

Z xmv-a15.07 Ubuntu 64bits Z xmv-a15.07 Ubuntu 32bits



Z xmv-a15.12 Windows 32bits Z xmv-a15.07 Windows 32bits

Old example files